Houdini Essentials Vol 01 (Free Online)

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

محتويات الكورس

كورس اونلاين لشرح برنامج هودينى المستخدم فى معظم الافلام العالمية لعمل الانفجارات و السوائل و غيرها


معلومات عن المحاضر

بيشوى خليفه

Effects Lead at Trend VFX



فيديو لبعض التطبيقات فى الكورس


محتويات الكورس

1- A look at the benefits of procedural-ism : What sets Houdini apart from other 3D software? What’s the use of procedural-ism?

2-What's an attribute : A quick look at types of attributes; how to read them, and how to create them.

3-Attributes to drive a sim : An example of the practical use of attributes.

4-What are VOPS : Introduction to VOPs and its applications.

5-What's a Context : Clarifying the different types of contexts inside Houdini.

6-What's a volume : Introduction to volumes, fields, and vdbs. (In this lesson we create a cloud!)

7-Forces in Houdini : Introduction to the pop solver, rasterization, and forces. (In this lesson we create a tornado!)

8-Pyro Solver : Introduction to the pyro solver, from sourcing to shaping and caching our sim. (In this lesson we create a smoke simulation.)

9-Shading Pyro : Building on the last lesson, in this lesson we continue with lighting, shading, and rendering our smoke simulation.


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