Houdini Essentials Vol 02 Course (تعليم عن بعد)

محتويات الكورس

كورس اونلاين مستوى متقدم لشرح برنامج هودينى المستخدم فى معظم الافلام العالمية لعمل الانفجارات و السوائل و غيرها و زمن الكورس 5 ساعات

معلومات عن المحاضر

بيشوى خليفه

Effects Lead at Trend VFX


فيديو لبعض التطبيقات فى الكورس

محتويات الكورس

Week 01 – We begin by taking a look at pyro sourcing from both static and dynamic geometries, Applying noise to our source to make it more interesting, Different fields necessary to simulate smoke, Volume rasterization, Pyro solver setup and basic simulation settings.

Week 02 – We talk about shaping our smoke with different micro solvers to get the desired behavior, scale, and overall look.

Week 03 - A basic start to fire simulations. We talk about sourcing the necessary fields to simulate fire, The combustion model, Gas – Fuel relationship, and the appropriate visualization setup.

Week 04 – We continue working with the pyro solver covering collisions, velocity, merge operations, as well as importing and caching pyro simulations.

Week 05 & 06 – We import our simulation and work on proper lighting of fire, and how to create an interesting/ realistic shader using different fitting settings and remapping.

Week 07 – Introduction to explosions in Houdini.

Week 08 – Introduction to Voronoi fracture, Packed geometry, and RBD simulations. We use VOPs and create a tool that allows us to have complete control over our velocity attribute to create an interesting looking simulation.

Week 09 – We delve deeper into explosions using the RBD simulation from the previous week as a source to get a very interesting shape. We use the method of repeating the solve procedurally rather than animating our Gas release. An intro to scripting.

Week 10 – We use RBD material fracture to art direct our fracture pattern. We talk about the name attribute, constraints, collision detection, and active attribute.

Week 11 – We continue our RBD sims using Boolean fracture, creating custom name attribute, creating soft constraints to deform our geometry instead of destroying it.

Week 12 – We use the Sop solver to have further control over our constraints, setting up a threshold breaking.

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